Virginia Council on Women

About the Council

The Virginia Council on Women (Council) is established by § 2.2-2630 as an advisory council in the Executive branch of state government. The purpose of the Council is to identify ways in which women can reach their full potential and make their full contribution to society and the Commonwealth.

The Council consists of 18 members from around the state, who are appointed by the Governor, as well as one of the Governor’s Secretaries who serves as an ex-officio member with full voting privileges. Members serve a term of three years and may be reappointed. Over the past several years, the Council has focused its efforts on engaging and empowering women through STEM, healthcare, and convening. 


  1. Determine the studies and research to be conducted by the Council;
  2. Collect and disseminate information regarding the status of women in the Commonwealth and the nation;
  3. Advise the Governor, General Assembly and the Governor’s Secretaries on matters pertaining to women in the Commonwealth and the nation;
  4. Establish and award scholarships pursuant to regulations and conditions prescribed by the Council;
  5. Review and comment on all budgets, appropriation requests and grant applications concerning the Council, prior to their submission to the Secretary of Health and Human Resources or the Governor; and
  6. Develop programs and projects on matters pertaining to women in the Commonwealth and the nation through public-private partnerships.

STEAM-H Essay Contest

The Virginia Council on Women (Council) will provide one merit-based and one need-based scholarship to high school seniors in each of the five geographic regions across the Commonwealth through a STEAM-H essay contest.

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