Education Equity Committee

The Education Equity Committee is focused on ensuring equity in all levels of education for women and encouraging women to become more involved in STEAM-H related fields.  The Committee's most notable contribution is their annual STEAM-H Essay Contest. Each year, the Council awards a scholarship to a high school senior girl planning to pursue a STEAM-H major at an institution of higher education. Today, the contest continues and the Council has awarded more than $150,000 in scholarships to high school girls across the commonwealth since its establishment in 2012.
STEAM-H Essay Contest
STEAM-H stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Healthcare. Each year, the Virginia Council on Women (Council) provides one scholarship in a need-based category, and one scholarship in a merit-based category, to a female high school senior in each of five geographic regions across the Commonwealth. Award amounts may vary and are determined by the Council annually.

Healthcare Equity Committee

The Healthcare Equity Committee was created to take a closer look at the issues affecting women’s healthcare in Virginia. The subcommittee develops recommendations on what the state government can achieve to improve access to quality healthcare for women and families across the state since its establishment in August 2013.

Workforce Equity Committee

The Workforce Equity Committee is committed to creating and cultivating workforce equity for all women of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The increased amplification and elevation of diverse women will be achieved in a variety of ways including through partnerships and mentorship programs to ensure women have access to healthcare, childcare, and pay equity.

Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee plans events and engagements that elevate the Council's visibility in the community and enhance the lives of women across the Commonwealth of Virginia.